What Inspired 26 Acts of Poetry?

In December of 2012, journalist Ann Curry started the #26Acts movement on Twitter, empowering people to commit 26 random acts of kindness in honor of the Sandy Hook victims.

#26Acts Twitter

I decided to give a poem to 26 random people in the Boston area in order to connect with the special people of my city and share something meaningful with them.

Letters, 26 Acts

How Did You Do It?

I wrote out 26 poems that I liked, dedicated each to a Sandy Hook child or teacher, folded them up, and placed them in different T trains in the Boston subway system.

Later, Metro Boston did an article on it. Thanks, Metro Boston!

Dedicated, 26 Acts

How Can I Participate?

To see which poems I scattered to unknown friends, click on “26 Poems.” There’s a place for you to comment on each poem and share your thoughts.

Folded, 26 Acts

If you found one of the poems, please click on “Found a Poem.” I’m eager to hear from you.